What do we need to bring with us?
We provide all bed and shower linens, toilet paper, dish soap and 1 roll of paper towels.  Below is a list of items it is recommended you bring with you:

  • Personal care items
  • Camera
  • Stargazing books and/or binoculars
  • Insect repellent
  • DVD movies or music CD's, which can be played in the DVD player
  • Food, including spices and seasonings
  • Foil
  • Charcoal for the grill
  • Any special cooking pans or utensils-we stock the most basic supplies.  If you have any questions about specific items, please let us know        

Can we bring our children?  Is there a charge for them?
Yes, we are family friendly and encourage guests to bring their children along if they like.  Children age 14 and under stay with no charge.  There is a $15 charge per night for each additional guest over the age of 14

How about our pets, can they come?
No, we are sorry, but due to damage caused by misbehaved pets, we no longer allow pets

What is the age limit to rent at the farm?
Renters must be at least 21 years of age.  Please keep in mind our units are inspected throughly after each guest leaves and any damages found will be charged to the card used to schedule the reservation (no matter how old you are!)

How are the Pleasant View Cottage and White Pine Cabin heated and cooled?
The Cottage has central propane gas heat and air conditioning.  The White Pine has a wall unit heat pump/air conditioner (like the ones used in motel rooms)

Do the Cottage and White Pine have the amenities needed to make sure we are comfortable?
Yes, both units have central heat with air conditioning, full baths and kitchens, and TV with DVD player.  Both are very private and quiet as they are situated on an 80 acre farm.

Are they smoke free?
Yes, both units are smoke free.  We do provide a sand bucket for smokers to use on the porches.  We do ask that smokers be safe and respectful with their cigarette butts and dispose of them in the sand bucket and not throw them on the grounds.  Please be sure to review our smoking policy outlined in our rental agreement.

Can we use our cell phones at the farm?
Most cell phone users get limited cell usage at the farm, sufficient to receive and make emergency phone calls.  However, please remember part of the farm's appeal is the remote, private location.

Does the farm have well water and what does it taste like?
Yes, the farm has well water.  The water is quite mild and does not have a strong taste or smell.  If you are used to bottled water, you may want to bring drinking water with you.  We have found some of our guests prefer the taste of our well water to that of bottled water.

What is there to do when it rains?
The primary reason people come to the Hocking Hills is to enjoy the state parks and nature.  However, when rain keeps you indoors, there are still things to keep you occupied and make your stay enjoyable.  Both the Pleasant View Cottage and White Pine Cabin have TV with antenna and DVD players so you can watch movies or listen to music CD's.  Both have digital converter boxes and get Columbus, Ohio and West Virginia stations.  They also both have board games
and books to read. Both cabins also have full kitchens so you can cook up a storm.  The Cottage has a hot tub on a covered patio for enjoyment both rain and shine.  The White Pine has a covered front porch with a tin roof so you can sit and listen to the rain and enjoy nature.  Also, light rainy days are often good days for hiking at the parks.  An added bonus-there is usually no one at the parks when it rains.

Are there hiking trails at the farm?
Yes, there are some marked trails.  They are easy to follow because they are mowed pathways.  Guests are free to walk the trails, fish in the pond or have a picnic on the grounds.  Please be sensible when hiking on the property-if you leave the pathways, it can be easy to get turned around and get lost.  We really recommend you take someone with you if you are going to be out on the property.  That's how we do it-both at the Hocking Hills State Park and on the farm-and we have been here for a long time.  We also ask that your keep clear of the barns, There is still some equipment around and we do not want anyone to get hurt! 

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